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Healthcare Without Hassle.


What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a simple healthcare model.  

For less than your cell phone bill--averaging $50-$60/mo.--you have a direct relationship with your doctor.

You get the usual primary care services--at your convenience--with same-day, next-day or evening visits.

We take care of your primary care needs -- scheduled at your convenience!


Videos Explaining Direct Primary Care --

How DPC Works and Why Patients Love It

DPC for Patients

Wondering how DPC works for folks like you? 

Watch this brief video and find out now.

DPC for Employers

Learn how employers can stay competitive 

by offering health care benefits to their employees.

“ . . . family physicians will either be 

in (DPC and) concierge medicine 

or ‘God help you medicine’. ”

~ Gov. Mike Huckabee, 2014 

Because this is a DIRECT relationship just between you and your doctor.   Period.


Unlike concierge medicine, DPC 

doesn’t charge an annual retainer fee, it doesn't require patients to have the usual, expensive health insurance, and it doesn't bill either you or insurance to see the doctor.

So there's no insurance company telling you what to do or how much you have to pay.

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DPC patients pay a monthly fee to primary-care doctors for primary care services  -- PLUS more time and personal connection with their doctor. 

Patients easily visit their primary care physician as frequently as desired, and they can text, call or email their doctor 24/7.

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Imagine if people used their car insurance for everything -- like gasoline fillups, oil changes, and washing your car -- their premiums would go up. 

The government hasn't fixed it yet, because it's impossible for anyone to buy high-quality services at a good value when they are not spending their own money.  

You can decide now to say goodbye to insurance companies telling you what to do!

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“ There are no 

insurance codes 

for ‘cure’. ” 

~ Dr. Garrison Bliss, Qliance

Compare Us to What You've Got Now

Direct Patient Care St Louis

  • Call, text or email us -- anytime, 7 days a week.
  • Unhurried appointments focused only on YOU & YOUR health care needs
  • If not the same day,  then be seen the following day
  • No co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles
  • Spend enough time to get ALL your questions answered
  • Get 80% of your health care needs met by one doctor
  • Uncompromising focus on personalized, quality care
  • Maximum of 600 members, then membership closes

Traditional Insurance Plans
  • Only available during business hours, usually 9-5
  • Time is spent on insurance, billing, the computer,                and government red tape INSTEAD OF on YOU
  • First available is next week if you're lucky,                                otherwise wait 2-3 weeks to be seen
  • Insurance only pays the doctor for 6 minutes                   of her overhead per patient visit
  • 6 minutes is not enough time to diagnose anything,           so get referred to specialists for everything
  • Bring your calculator with you to add up all the costs
  • Typical PCP has a panel of 3,500 - 5,000 patients

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The question isn't who is going 

to let me (change healthcare); 

it's who is going to stop me. 

~ Ayn Rand-



**Prices Are Lower UNTIL 150 Patients Join**

         FAMILIES with KIDS              

           KID'S AGE                                   MONTHLY FEE

 Birth – 17 yrs old                             $10 for each child  

• Age 18 – 29 yrs old                         $25 for one child &   

  (if still living at home)                     $15 each add'l child


                 AGE                                        MONTHLY FEE

• Age 18 – 30 yrs old                                      $29*

• Age 31 – 45 yrs old                                      $49*

• Age 46 – 60 yrs old                                      $69

• Age 61 – 75 yrs old                                      $89

• Age 76 – 100 yrs old                                    $99

• Over 100 years old               Just $1/mo--you earned it!

* Adults 45 yrs or less must first join as a Trial Member

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Trial Membership


One-Time Visit

Not sure if the Direct Care model is right for you?


Need a doctor while visiting from out of town?

Then consider our Trial Membership. 

Be seen today for less than $150*.


 Here's what you get with this one-time offer:

  • Initial office visit lasting as long as you need.
  • All the visits you need for the rest of the month AND the following month, too!
  • The same discounts on procedure, labs and x-ray fees that our members enjoy.


Why We Must Cut the Red Tape and Bypass all the Middlemen Now

In the last 40 years the number of doctors doubled;

the number of administrators increased 3,200%!

-- that's a growth rate 16 times faster than doctors --


and they've added nothing  but hassles to U.S. medical care.

What our customers are saying

Direct Primary Care provides 70-80 %  of all health care services, which for many patients could mean 100 percent of the services they use in most years.

~  Lee Gross, MD 

President, Docs 4 Patient Care

“I travel a lot and wanted a doctor who could work remotely and treat me for things while on the road.”

Tim W.,  Retired

“Dr. Hicks knows I'm pretty cost-conscious. He is doing an amazing job being considerate about that!”

Kyla Bauer, Project Manager

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