Benefits of Direct Primary Care

• Receive health care support in person, by phone, or by email -- seven-day-a-week.

• Have enough time to get all your questions answered

• Same day appointments for urgent problems, like sprains, cuts needing stitches, UTIs, and more.

• Each patient enjoys a 90- to 120-minute annual executive-style physical just like top CEOs get

• Never feel rushed -- unhurried appointments with your doctor, who focuses only on you

• Personalized office visits last at least:

         30 minutes for follow up visits,

         60 minutes for extended consults for more complex problems, and

          2 full hours for new patient exams

• No co-payments, co-insurance, or deductibles -- EVER

• No long-term contracts when joining

•You can buy your medicines from us at our wholesale prices without any markup

•We have negotiated discounted labs and x-rays at several sites around St Louis

• No restrictions based on age or pre-existing conditions—everyone is welcome

• We coordinate your referrals, communicate with your specialists, and work with you to help you create your own care plan

• If you have a serious emergency requiring immediate medical attention, call 911 and then either call us 

or have the ER personnel call us, so we can communicate with the hospital, send over any relevant records, and coordinate your care during and after discharge

• We gladly coordinate hospital and emergency care remotely, working with other doctors 

and care providers over the phone and touching base with you and/or your family members

Our patient roster is forever limited to a maximum of 600 patients



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