Immunizations for both Kids and Adults

Ignoring the burdensome regulations about vaccine storage, 

you should know that vaccines have relatively short expiration dates.


Without giving a lot of doses of a particular vaccine to patients, 

it is impossible to buy enough doses to get a bulk discount and 

still give all of them to patients before they expire.

We have on-hand the most frequently given adult vaccines, like tetanus 

[both the Tdap and Td versions] and flu shots, provided at our wholesale cost of course. 


And local pharmacies are able to provide the routine adult vaccinations 

that are often given only once or maybe twice in a lifetime, 

such as Hepatitis, Shingles [Herpes Zoster] and both the Pneumonia vaccines.

So if we can't save you money by keeping the drug on-hand, then we'll tell adults which vaccines are recommended and where they can be locally obtained as cheaply as possible.

 And for our patients who do not believe in vaccines, you'll receive information about them just like all our patients do, but we won't try to change your mind.

Now for the kids -- childhood vaccines in Missouri are administered free of charge 

by the local Health Department, with offices serving every county throughout the state.  

Allow us to help you make sense of all the childhood immunization hype that is out there, so you can know the facts and then decide for yourself what is best for your child.

 Extra Vaccine Tips

1. For you exotic travelers out there who might need the less common vaccines, 

such as Typhoid, Hepatitis, Cholera, Rabies, and Yellow Fever perhaps,

either we or the local pharmacies, with an order from Dr. Hicks, can get them for you. 

2. Local pharmacies often administer an annual flu shot free of charge to folks with certain health insurance plans.

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