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     Potential members always have lots of questions -- because health insurance and healthcare costs have taken up a huge chunk of money. 

     But with that huge investment we also buy a little peace of mind, thinking that we are at least shielded from the costs of some catastrophic illness or injury.  

     It's like we hate the current system, but many of us are deathly afraid of trying something new when it comes to our own medical care.

     So we've answered over 70 questions on this page. Much of this same material can be found on the various pages on our website, but for those of us who 'just want the facts,' here they are.

     The questions we've been asked the most are organized into the following 5 categories. Click on the green "See [CATEGORY] Answers" button to open up the answers for that category in a new window.   Then when finished reading those answers, simply click back on this tab, where you can choose another category of questions and answers if you wish. 

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  5. MISCELLANEOUS  Questions for the naturally curious
  6. GLOSSARY of Common Terms used in DPC


1. How will I know if the doctors at Direct Patient Care St. Louis are the right fit for me?

2. Can my kids become members of Direct Patient Care St. Louis?

3. Why does Direct Patient Care St. Louis charge a membership fee?

4. I already have health insurance.  Why should I pay an additional monthly fee for health care?

5. Can I just have a visit without becoming a member?

6. Are there any contracts or commitments?

7. What if I decide to cancel?  Can I get a refund?

8. What about pre-existing medical conditions? Are there any income or health requirements for becoming a member?

9. Can you help with the costs of prescriptions?   What about labs?

10. How do I join if the practice is full?

See Answers to MEMBERSHIP Questions

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1. What costs are involved in becoming a patient?

2. Are there any hidden fees?

3. What about lab work and other types of tests?

4. How much will my first visit cost?

5. How much does a regular check-up or “wellness” visit cost?

6. When do I pay my fees for visits, labs, etc.?

7. Is my membership fee at Direct Patient Care St. Louis tax deductible?

8. Are the membership fees reimbursable by my HSA/FSAHRA?

9. This must cost a fortune!

10. Will I still benefit from a Direct Primary Care practice even if I don’t require frequent medical attention?

See Answers to  FEE  FAQs


1. What are your regular clinic hours? Do you have evening or weekend hours?

2. Do I need an appointment or are you a walk-in clinic?

3. How long do doctor visits last for?

4. What happens if I need a specialist, diagnostic testing, emergency room visit or hospitalization?

5. Do you make house calls?

6. Are there other types of visits that I can do by phone or text?

7. Can I get ahold of Dr. Hicks after hours? How?

8. What happens if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

9. What will it ‘feel’ like to be a DPC patient?

10. What about chronic diseases, like diabetes and high blood pressure?

See Answers to VISIT  FAQs

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1. Is DPC St. Louis membership a form of health insurance?

2. Is DPC St. Louis membership a substitute for health insurance?

3. Will you still take my insurance?

4. Can DPC St. Louis bill my insurance plan?

5. Can I submit claims to my health insurance plan for reimbursement?

6. Can I use my insurance elsewhere if I join DPC St. Louis?

7. Can I use my FSA or HSA account/card with membership in DPC St. Louis?

8. Do I Still Need to Buy Insurance?

9. What type of insurance would you recommend?

10. Can you help me find affordable insurance like that for my family or business?

11. Does membership in DPC St. Louis satisfy the requirement for “insurance” under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare)?

12. Does Missouri Medicaid [MO HealthNet] allow patients to join Direct Patient Care St. Louis?

13. If Missouri Medicaid [MO HealthNet] permits membership, does Direct Patient Care St. Louis accept Medicaid patients as members?

14. What about Medicare? If I’m on Medicare, can I still join a membership medicine practice like Direct Patient Care St. Louis?

15. Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or pharmaceutical companies?

See Answers to INSURANCE  FAQs


1. What is Direct Primary Care?

2. How did DPC come about? What’s the History of DPC?

3. I think I’ve heard of this. Isn’t this like Concierge Medicine or MDVIP?

4. Is this new model of medicine weird or strange?

5. Do good doctors practice DPC? I don’t see BJC or SSM doing this.

6. Does DPC really work – will it save me money?

7. Will I still benefit from a DPC practice even if I don’t require frequent medical attention? 

8. Why is a DPC practice like Direct Primary Care St. Louis a better option?

9. Won’t this cause a shortage of Primary Care Physicians?

10. Will other doctors in the St. Louis Metro Region be doing this soon? Why or Why Not?

11. What Do Insurance Companies Think About This?

12. What about new or emerging technology – a small practice surely can’t afford that, right?

13. Doctors make a lot of money anyway – isn’t this just an excuse?

14. Is that why my doctor just rushes into the room and leaves in a few minutes?

15. But my doctor seems to be OK with that, right?

16. Then what do doctors want?

See Answers to  MISCELLANEOUS   FAQs

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GLOSSARY of  Common Terms used in DPC

• DPC -- Membership Medicine, also known as Direct Primary Care

• Concierge medicine

• DPC & Concierge Medicine are NOT the same

• Health insurance

• Health Insurance is NOT the same as Health Care

• Primary care

• Specialist care

• Telemedicine


• Wraparound plan



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