UPDATE -- Liberty now accepts reimbursement requests for 

DPC membership fees! 

Liberty HealthShare has just released this form for members to submit DPC membership fees for sharing.

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The “OLD” Way Makes 

Healthcare Expensive

You pay a lot each month, but only part of this premium 

goes towards meeting your healthcare needs. 

Recent studies have shown that 40% of your premium 

actually goes to pay 'administrative costs,'

. . .  whatever those are.

The “NEW” Way Slashes costs by 50% by cutting out the middlemen.

Meeting Health Care Needs

Instead of paying monthly premiums to a 

for-profit insurance company, every dollar shared 

goes towards meeting another member's needs. 

So members share in each other’s health care 

needs while encouraging one another in the process.

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(314) 680.1632

Healthcare Sharing Ministries 

--Group Comparison--

This comparison chart is courtesy of the staff at MedicalCostShare.com and was made to the best of their knowledge as of May 2017. This industry is continually expanding, and these sharing ministries are evolving and growing based on their members' needs and suggestions. We join MedicalCostShare.com in strongly encouraging you to review the guidelines of any ministry for verification of the following facts before joining.

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