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Welcome To The Healthcare Consumer Field Guide!

July 15, 2018

Welcome to the Healthcare Consumer Field Guide, the blog and newsroom for Direct Patient Care St. Louis, a direct primary care (DPC) medical practice in St. Louis dedicated to providing patients a simple, value-filled, and inexpensive alternative to today’s complicated and expensive insurance-based healthcare.

So maybe you’re asking ‘Just what is a field guide?’ According to, the noun 'field guide' originally meant a portable, illustrated book to help identify birds, plants, rocks, etc. But Google the term ‘field guide’ today, and you will find field guides for almost everything. 

In fact, biologist Jonathan Eisen started collecting field guides as a child, and now he has he has guides to birds, forests, trains, mushrooms, butterflies, insects and space.

Field guides are great because they are like 

"taking something that is in the ivory tower 

and giving it to . . .  


Answering Patients' Questions

How Can I find a Cheaper Version of My Steroid Cream?

August 20, 2018

Yesterday a potential member was asking what discount I could get on her currents medications. 

This is a big attraction of direct primary care -- I can get generic meds for my patients at wholesale cost, without markup.

That’s right, I buy them wholesale, just like Walgreens or CVS does, but without any pharmacy or insurance company markup, so patients save big.

One of her meds was a brand name steroid ointment that cost $265 per tube!

 Learn how I found her a similar one costing just $4, and how you can find a cheaper topical steroid that will work like the expensive one you’re using. 

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