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Our current patients often say that 'pulling the trigger' on DPC was simultaneously a challenging decision and an exhilarating relief for them, both at the same time.  It was only possible after they were presented with the logistical and financial data needed to decide what was best for them.

We're the same way, so to help we'll sit down and give you the numbers, so you can decide. That's what we did recently for a nice couple who had just moved here from out-of-town.  Both of them were intentional about staying healthy, and it showed. They only took a couple of prescription meds, in addition to the usual supplements, to stay in great health.  We discussed their family's medical history on both sides, in order to determine in broad strokes the likelihood of a chronic or costly disease beginning in the near future. [excuse the ischemic pun.] 

After figuring out what their current and probable medical needs would be for the next 3-5 years and estimating the kinds of labs, tests, and even hospitalizations needed for their annual average medical usage, we were ready to help them calculate whether buying a high-deductible wraparound policy [HDWP] or joining a membership medicine practice would be cheaper.  

They had already found the cost of the most financially-wise high-deductible wraparound policy to be subsidized by work. Now they needed to know what a DPC membership, with drugs & supplies at wholesale prices and labs & xrays at negotiated prices would cost. After going online and showing them real-time wholesale drug prices and telling them up front their annual cost to see the doctor (annual membership fee), they were able to drive home in peace. They could now confidently run the numbers -- without pulling their hair out -- and deliberately make a decision while maintaining their peace of mind 

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